MicroLab Diagnostics
Company Branding

A servicing company for biochemistry analysers, MicroLab
Instruments needed a brand refresh to launch
their latest clinical machines.

With most products costing in tens of thousands, commissioning a re-brand was a huge step, and one they didn’t take
lightly. Sivansh was proud to undertake this huge project.

Logo Design

A simple yet impactful concept of dots and its circular forms representing a molecular activity when viewed under the microscope.

A fresh new

We also gave a makeover to their website with a user experience that their industry demands. The UI designed aligned with their revamped branding. We put a focus on their star products on the home page and their key certifications to showcase their level of competitiveness in the market.


The brand products were photographed in a variety of angles, including left angle, right angle, straight up and in extreme front low sitting. The products were aimed to retain their simplicity and clean look.