Professional leaflets and flyers that influence sales

While digital marketing is vital for getting more business, well-designed leaflets and flyers can also direct the potential customers to get in touch with you.

An effective
marketing tactic

Creating a leaflet or flyer can be challenging for any business. It has to look good, give the right amount of details, make the right impact and what not. Try Sivansh’s services, and you will never have to fret over your print collaterals again!

Get your leaflet
designed in a budget

It’s never about who talks the loudest, it’s always about who’s
listened to. When you work with Sivansh, we take away the
burden of ideating, curating and even printing your leaflet
without burning a hole in your pocket!

Never undermine the power of print

Most businesses often only focus on their digital initiatives and give a cold shoulder to print collaterals. What they don’t know are three benefits of print marketing:
  • It is tangible – whoever has your printed leaflet or flyer will remember you for a longer period.
  • It builds brand recognition – print brings your brand aesthetics like texture, tone, fonts and colours to the forefront.
  • Two-thirds of online searches are initiated by print collaterals.
  • It is more engaging – an average user spends 43 minutes reading a magazine or a flyer and only 15 seconds skimming through a website. Guess who wins?

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