Don’t be surprised when I tell you the global digital population is more than 4 billion! With so many potential customers to reach out to, there is nothing better than content marketing to achieve the goal. The said form of marketing is regarded as one of the most effective methods a marketer can leverage to boost sales, grow customer base and scale a business.

If you are a business owner with a tight schedule and limited resources for your content marketing activities, these five tips are especially for you:

1. Curate content

Curation of content is similar to doing secondary research. It is the process of putting together relevant information about a topic in the form of articles, blog posts, and stories from a variety of sources to present them in an aggregated form.

While the method helps you save a lot of time by helping you to quickly generate much content related to your market or industry, you need to be original for it to be truly effective. Ensure that you add your voice and your perspective to the content that you curate, while also giving credit to the rightful owners.


2. Outsource

There could be many instances where you might face difficulty in hiring full-time or part-time employees to generate good quality content. In these situations, you can consider hiring freelance writers or working with a creative agency to help generate your content.

If you are new to this idea, consider collaborating with them for a short project initially to test the waters. If the return on your investment justifies the quality of their work, then you can scale the scope of work and gradually make them responsible for your content marketing.

While you still incur costs in using their services, the amount of time that you save will far outweigh the expenses. Sivansh helps cut through the noise so that the brand messaging not only reaches the right audience but also makes an impact at the right time and place. We are known to work across multiple time zones, long hours just to deliver. Interested? Email us!


3. Optimise SEO

According to a Brafton study, 95% of people only look at the first page of Google search results. In this case, it will be a very costly affair if your content is not visible to people who could be your potential customers. This is where search engine optimisation will help you.

Google provides a free guide to optimise your content on their search engine, by using several techniques. Doing your research on effective SEO methods will help your articles gain high traffic, especially during time crunches. Remember, a well-optimised article is equivalent to a million people sharing it to a million other people.


4. Diversify content

Sometimes having only articles in your content marketing campaigns could get monotonous and creatively insufficient. It is important to use every possible “weapon” in your content marketing arsenal. That is because diversity in your content makes it interesting and helps increase people engagement.

Videos, infographics, podcasts, eBooks and more can help you bolster your content marketing efforts. While using different mediums to communicate your content, ensure that it does not compromise your brand identity. Ensure that you use the medium(s) which would rightly communicate the core values of your brand.


Before you bounce off

Please keep the following in mind while generating your content:

  • Lists make content easier to read and digest.
  • Stories, anecdotes, and examples make content more relatable to your readers.
  • Titles that have a number on them and catchy adjectives attract more clicks. For example: if your article has three points about using Instagram for content marketing. Instead of naming it as, “How to use Instagram for content marketing?”, use this: ‘3 awesome ways to market content on Instagram’.