In this day and age, social media is a way of life for people across the globe. Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users which comprise of over 75 million users from India itself. Even though the statistics sound attractive especially to marketers, there is Facebook and Twitter that command an equally impressive consumer base.

A common mistake that marketers commit is they restrict their promotions to immediate locality or regions with a high population count, such as India. Although some times campaigns do require a localized approach, it makes businesses lose out on their potential customers from other regions who are looking for your offerings similar to yours.

Therefore, when it comes to selling products online, you should have a proper social media strategy in place to make sure you target the right people from across the globe and not restrict your revenue limit. It’s important to know which niche of people would love your product.

With over 200 million people visiting a business profile on Instagram at least once every day, it gives businesses a huge window to hook them to learn more about your product and possibly make a purchase. And that’s not possible without a good social media strategy which appeals to the global audience.

These are three ways that will help you develop your social media strategy with a global appeal.


1. Know your target country and their most popular social media outlet

Once you have figured out which country is seeking for a product similar to yours, identify the right channel to approach them. It is very short-sighted to think that everyone will be active on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

For instance, if you want to reach U.S women aged between 25 and 54, then Pinterest is the right place to go because over 83% of women in this age group are very active on that channel.

If you want to reach South Koreans, then you will be better off using the KakaoTalk messenger app. With over 41 million monthly active South Korean users, advertising on KakaoTalk is a smart move.

sets you in the right direction.


2. Use the power of native language

Research shows that people prefer to interact with content in their native language even when they know a decent level of English – a language that is universally accepted. Therefore, the use of the native language of your target market will help make your social media campaign relatable.

While web translation tools help to a certain extent, there is a risk of serious mistranslation. There is also a more significant danger of your content probably being offensive. Even if you have a decent command of a language, it is best not to mix up multiple languages on a single social media account.

Use multiple accounts with the right language for each market and content tailored to each region’s specific interests for a more favourable response.


3. Make your social media campaigns mobile-friendly

The number of smartphone users in the world can be expected to reach 2.71 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to 2.87 billion by 2020.

With a rapidly growing market, mobiles are the future. To compete in the international social media arena, please make sure your websites and other social media accounts are mobile-friendly.


By using these three methods, build a global social media community that doesn’t just take your business to greater heights but also remains loyal to you.

And if you don’t have expertise to do that yourself, you can hire the fabulous digital marketing team at Sivansh who can work with you to create a powerful social media strategy. Contact us to discuss this further.