As many businesses today desire to have an online presence, websites command maximum attention. However, finding high quality and cost effective web development services is a challenge.

While there are many local web developers with decent expertise, hiring their services can be a costly affair for businesses who are just starting off. And that’s why outsourcing is an ideal option.

Outsourcing web development services is cost-effective and offers you a wide range of developers to choose from, provided the communication is transparent and the freelancers are vetted properly for their skills.

According to a report by the Standish group, over 31.1% of outsourced software projects do not even get completed. So that’s something to take care of. Adding to that, here are three tips to help you get the best results out of outsourcing web development:

1. Communicate your vision

The key to getting work done effectively is transparent communication. It is important to make sure that both you and any freelancer or creative agency you work with have clarity in terms of the kind of a website is expected.

All the nuances of the website you expect must be properly written and communicated. A basic framework of your website is a good way to start. Please ensure your rough sketches are substantiated with important information related to images, written content and how people can interact with the website.

All this must be done before you hire a freelancer because it is best way to always be prepared.


2. Vet your web-dev support properly

There is absolutely no dearth of freelancers or agencies in the world. But, it is very important to choose the best support for your project. Cost of hiring must be properly balanced with work quality.

If there are no big cost constraints, then it is best to hire a creative agency with good reviews and a good track record. Reviews and ratings may not always be reliable, but they offer help in shortlisting choices.

Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer have great options, but websites like CodementorX and Toptal comprise of high-quality web designers who you can hire if your budget is able to afford them.

And if you want to work with an entire creative team, there’s nothing like it!


3. Meet ‘n’ greet your web dev support

Consider having a conversation with the desired web dev resource before you make any decision. This way, you can get a proper first impression of them irrespective of the skill level. These conversations can happen through Skype.

If you are hiring a freelancer, you even have the liberty to test their skills. Codility is a platform that will help you conduct technical assessments and is a very useful tool to use if you are a non-technical person.

Please make ensure you offer to pay such candidates for taking time off their schedule to take the test. It is a good gesture and will motivate them to give their best shot.

Upon completion of the tests, review each candidate’s score properly and allot them an appropriate role. For example, the candidate with the best score could be your head developer.



Web development is a crucial part of online branding, and there’s nothing like it if you find the best match for your business. We at Sivansh believe web development is a function that can make or break your business. And we take it very seriously.

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